Stressless Leather Care Kit 100 ml


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Nurture Your Furniture for Long-Lasting Bliss. Introducing the Stressless Leather Care Kit, available in medium and large sizes, specially crafted to help you maintain the beauty of your leather furniture. This comprehensive kit includes a leather cleaner and protection solution, ensuring thorough care. Additionally, the Stressless Leather Care Wipes feature cleaning wipes and protection wipes for convenient upkeep.

For optimum results, we recommend applying the protection cream or wipes to all leather surfaces when your recliner is new, nurturing the leather and enhancing its resistance to stains. For subsequent maintenance, in addition to regular stain removal, we advise using the Stressless Leather Cleaner at least every 6 months to clean the leather surfaces.

Remember to always apply the protection cream after cleaning, ensuring comprehensive care and preserving the longevity of your cherished furniture. Let your furniture pamper you by taking care of it with the Stressless Leather Care Kit.


100 ml, 250 ml

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