Stressless Classic Elevator Ring


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Achieve Extra Height When Desired. Introducing the elevator ring for your Stressless recliner with the Classic base, providing an additional 3.5 cm of elevation. With its hassle-free snap-on design, no tools are required for installation. Simply attach the elevator ring effortlessly, and instantly enjoy the benefits of added height. Whether you desire enhanced comfort or a different perspective, this convenient accessory allows you to customise your seating experience with ease.

Stressless Classic Elevator Ring is available in three different sizes: recliner (S/M), recliner (L) and footstool. Elevator rings S/M fits all Small and Medium recliners with Classic base produced after April 8. 2018. Elevator ring (L) fits all Stressless recliners in size Large with the Classic base produced after November 1. 2011. Elevator ring footstool fits all Stressless footstools with Classic base produced after March 1. 2004.

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