Riser Recliners

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What are Riser Recliners?

Riser recliners are specially designed chairs that provide both reclining and rising functions to aid in mobility and comfort. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility, the elderly, or those recovering from surgery. These chairs come equipped with a motorized mechanism that allows the user to adjust the reclining position and to be gently lifted to a standing position.

Key Features

  1. Motorized Mechanism: Most riser recliners feature either a single motor or dual motors.
    • Single Motor: Operates the backrest and footrest simultaneously.
    • Dual Motor: Allows independent control of the backrest and footrest, providing more customizable positioning.
  2. Reclining Function: The backrest can recline to various angles, allowing the user to find a comfortable position for reading, watching TV, or napping.
  3. Rising Function: The lift function gently raises the chair to help the user move from a seated to a standing position, reducing strain on the knees and lower back.
  4. Comfort and Support: These chairs are designed with padded cushions, lumbar support, and often include features like heat and massage for additional comfort.
  5. Control Options: Riser recliners come with easy-to-use hand controls, often featuring buttons for incremental adjustments or preset positions.


  1. Improved Mobility: Helps individuals with mobility issues stand up and sit down safely and independently.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Provides ergonomic support and customizable positions to reduce pressure points and discomfort.
  3. Health Benefits: Reduces strain on muscles and joints, improves circulation, and can assist in managing conditions like arthritis or edema.
  4. Safety: Reduces the risk of falls and injuries associated with struggling to rise from a seated position.

Types of Riser Recliners

  1. Single-Motor Recliners: These are simpler and more affordable, with a single motor controlling both the backrest and footrest. The chair can be reclined or lifted but not both independently.
  2. Dual-Motor Recliners: Offer more flexibility with separate motors for the backrest and footrest, allowing for a variety of seating positions and a more tailored fit.
  3. Three-Motor Recliners: A less common option, these provide even greater control with an additional motor to adjust the lumbar support or headrest independently.
  4. Compact Riser Recliners: Designed for smaller spaces or for individuals with a petite frame. They offer the same functionality in a smaller footprint.
  5. Luxury Riser Recliners: Feature additional amenities such as built-in heat, massage functions, and advanced upholstery for enhanced comfort and style.

Considerations When Choosing a Riser Recliner

  1. Size and Fit: It’s essential to choose a chair that fits the user’s height, weight, and body shape to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness.
  2. Motor Type: Decide between single or dual motors based on the need for flexibility and budget.
  3. Upholstery: Look for durable, easy-to-clean materials that suit the aesthetic of the living space and the user’s lifestyle.
  4. Additional Features: Consider extra features like heat, massage, or additional lumbar support based on individual needs.
  5. Budget: Prices vary widely, so it’s important to find a balance between necessary features and affordability.
  6. Space: Ensure there is adequate space in the room for the chair to recline fully and to be used effectively.

Maintenance and Care

To keep a riser recliner in good condition:

  • Regular Cleaning: Follow manufacturer guidelines for cleaning the upholstery and mechanical components.
  • Routine Checks: Periodically check the electrical components and motors for any signs of wear or malfunction.
  • Professional Servicing: Consider professional maintenance or repairs if any issues arise to ensure safety and functionality.


Riser recliners offer significant benefits for those with mobility challenges by enhancing comfort and independence. With a variety of types and features available, they cater to a wide range of needs and preferences, making them a valuable addition to any home where mobility assistance is required. Selecting the right riser recliner involves considering the user’s specific requirements, available features, and the intended use environment.

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